KQED San Francisco: Pelosi Is Talking About Public Trials And Impeachement

Saturday, discussion on KQED-FM San Francisco was about the fine line Democrats have to walk to both stir their supporters to vote for Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump and deter Trump supporters from mobilizing in the mid-terms to protect the President.

KQED-FM (Radio) – San Francisco, CA

KQED 8/25/2018 1:13:44 AM: 

Democrats are afraid that impeachment may be the main thing to fire up the G.O.P. base. 

So Interestingly Democrats are not talking about impeachments only Republicans are talking about it because they want to use that and that’s Steve Bannon‘s plan.  Pelosi explained it very clearly, you have to have the country come around (to start impeachment).  Swhat you’re going to do is see if Democrats win the midterms,  then you’re going to see protections built and some investigations and you’re going to see the start of the series and public congressional hearings,” said the Democrat strategist. 



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