Daily Telegraph: Bannon Says To Doubt Impeachment Plan is “Dangerously Naive”

Saturday, The Telegraph Interviewed Stephen K. Bannon, about the likelihood that if the Democrats win the House back in the midterms they would push for impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.

According to the article, “Impeachment proceedings will be launched against Donald Trump in January unless he can hold onto the House of Representatives, his former campaign chairman Steve Bannon has warned.”

The Telegraph reported the following:

“Bannon also hit out at those who believe the Democrats are not ultimately seeking impeachment, warning they are “dangerously naive” and “kidding themselves”.

“It’s very simple, it’s an up or down vote,” Mr Bannon said of the November midterms. “You vote up, he stays. You vote down, he goes. It’s like the old gladiators.”

The dire warning is part of a strategy by some Republicans to make Trump supporters realise the seriousness of the political situation in a bid to drive them to the polling stations later this year.”

Full Article

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