Business Insider: Bannon Said To Knock On Doors For RINOS If You Have To

Monday, Business Insider reported on comments made by Stephen K. Bannon about voting for politicians known as Republicans In Name Only, or RINOS, meaning establishment or more liberal members of the Republican party.

According to Business Insider, Bannon said,  “I’m the most anti-establishment guy out there. And I have said there is a time you have to have those fights, and then there is a time you have to support the guy whether you totally agree with him or not. That guy is going to vote against Nancy Pelosi. That’s all that matters right now.”

Business Insider wrote:

“Bannon said Trump voters may have to “ring doorbells” and “go get out the vote” for them as well.”

“If you have a problem because of a RINO, you’re going to have to get over that,” he said. “Because what happens if he loses is so catastrophic,” they reported Bannon said.

“People can’t sit here and think that they’re not motivated because they are and they’re energized,” he said. “And so that’s what we have to go up against. And for people to think that left is not energized to impeach Trump are kidding themselves. They are not out there to work with Trump post-November 6. The Trump base must acknowledge that the left is fired up and going to turn out this fall.”

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