CNBC: Larry Kudlow Said “New US Mexico Deal Is Good For Prosperity”

Monday, CNBC’s Closing Bell reported on a first for CNBC, an interview with National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow and reported on his comments about President Donald J. Trump’s trade deal with Mexico.

Kudlow appeared on CNBC on Monday after President Donald J. Trump announced the U.S. had reached a new agreement on trade with Mexico that could pave the way to replace NAFTA.

“This is a big victory. It is a big victory for growth and prosperity, you know, it’s a big victory for cooperation and Free and Fair Trade. I think all of these things work together. It is one of the things he (Trump) has argued for quite some time, that is bilateral negotiations. They are really more efficient than all of the multilateral negotiations. Whether it’s three countries or 23 countries.  And I think it paid off with Mexico.  And hats off to Mexico for doing a great job and cooperating and reaching a very important deal for both countries,” Kudlow said.


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