Bannon Continues To Fascinate

Ralph Benko in The American Spectator, writes about the fascination even his enemies hold for Steve Bannon.  He writes:

The persistence and intensity of interest Bannon evokes suggests that there is more here than a Loki-like provocateur. A recent feature in the elite media highlights Bannon’s efforts to unite the European right-wing nationalist factions into a coherent movement. (The inherent paradox rather puts me in mind of a trope by an old progressive-libertarian friend, the late Rep. Ned Pattison: “We anarchists need to get organized.” How does one unite rival nationalists?)

Excited publicity about what Bannon calls “The Movement” was promptly followed by Bannon’s forthcoming cinematic billet doux to the president, “Trump @ War.” This was followed by eager sneak previews of Erroll Morris’s forthcoming Bannon documentary, American Dharma, slated to premier September 4that the Venice Film Festival.

Bannon continues to fascinate even his enemies.

Getting things done and overcoming the opposition are key reasons why the globalists tend to fear the likes of Steve Bannon. Bannon’s economic nationalism is a clarion call away from the established world order and toward empowerment for average, everyday people. We can be sure that this fascination with Steve Bannon will persist, but what really matters is getting involved. You can begin now by signing up for this site. CLICK HERE to JOIN NOW