CNN: Bannon and Trump Go After Big Tech

Thursday, CNN reported that Stephen K. Bannon had weighed in with support for President Donald J. Trump’s earlier comments about the owners of the most used social media platforms, Google, Twitter and Facebook.

“President Trump’s war with Google (GOOG) spilled into a second day on Wednesday. The president raised eyebrows when he posted a video to Twitter that suggested Google had promoted President Obama’s State of the Union addresses, but not his. “#StopTheBias,” Trump tweeted. The problem? Google said in a statement shortly after that it had in fact promoted Trump’s 2018 address…,” according to CNN.

One person who did want to chat was Steve Bannon. I had texted Bannon earlier in the day to see what he made of Trump’s war on Big Tech. Bannon, after all, has been talking about this tech stuff for some time now. Earlier tonight he gave me a ring. Some highlights of what he said…

>> Asked about Trump pushing misleading info to advance a war on Big Tech, Bannon said, “The president often times sees information and thinks it ought to be in the public dialogue.” Bannon said the “direction” of Trump’s rhetoric is “correct” and that his tweets on issues often help get things “into the conversation.”

> Bannon said Big Tech’s data should be seized and put in a “public trust.” Specifically, Bannon said, “I think you take [the data] away from the companies. All that data they have is put in a public trust.

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