Pinkerton: Marco Rubio Stands Strong on China

On February 12, Sen. Marco Rubio issued the most important report yet seen in this new Congress—and it might possibly be the most important congressional document published this year.

The report, “Made in China 2025 and the Future of American Industry,” is direct: The People’s Republic of China intends to develop its economic might so as to dominate the world, not only economically, but also militarily and strategically.

We’ve all been following China’s relentless advances in resource-rich Africa, and we’ve also seen how China is using its Belt and Road Initiative to ensnare the world in a Chinese debt-web. And most recently, we’ve seen the emergence of Made in China 2025, Xi Jinping’s signature plan to seize the lead, by fair means or foul, in such critical technologies as robotics and artificial intelligence.


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