Trump’s former advisor, Stephen K. Bannon, fights with famous hedge funds

[New York-Takenori Miyamoto] Former US President Trump’s aide, chief strategic officer Stephen Bannon, held a lecture to criticize the Chinese Communist Party on the 25th with the founder of hedge fund founder Kyle Bass. It calls on the US administration to take a tough stance in US-China trade talks. He argued that “the Communist Party is a lobbying organization,” aiming for criticism against the US Wall Street and the US industry, which urges an early agreement.

Mr. Bannon, who was said to be “support for his thought” by President Trump, repeated confrontation with other administration officials and left the White House in August 2017. Currently, in addition to supporting European populism (popularism) powers, he is actively promoting activities such as the launch of a new group that calls on the threat of the Chinese Communist Party. About 100 people gathered at the lecture that the group opened on the 25th, and the US media reported on the situation, indicating the height of interest.

The highlight of the day was the fact that Kyle Bass, founder of Hayman Capital Management, a leading hedge fund based in Dallas, Texas, showed a stance of “fighting” with Mr. Banon. With the collapse of the US housing bubble and the European debt crisis, it has quickly become famous in the fund industry. It is also known for a while that he has advocated “the collapse of Japan”, and recently targeted China. In the lecture, he warned, “This is an unprecedented accumulation of debt in the history of the world.”

Mr. Bannon and Mr. Bass oppose the Trump administration’s rapid settlement with China without resolving institutional issues such as China’s foreign capital restrictions and inadequate intellectual property protection. In the lecture, the Chinese Communist Party seems to want to enliven China’s threat theory by piling up the former Soviet Union. The US financial sector and industry fear that the global economy will slow down due to bargaining negotiations, and they have urged the White House to conclude the negotiations, but Bannon and others have held back such a move.


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