Call Your Senators Ahead of Impeachment Trial, Demand Strength!

On Episode 112 of War Room: Impeachment Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller were joined by Rep. Mark Meadows to discuss the leadership needed in the Senate.

“What’s the state of play?” Bannon asked the Congressman from North Carolina. “What do people need to do? They come [to War Room] to take action.”

“I think it’s two points,” Meadows answered. “In order for some of these senators who are in tough states to win, they need a strong Donald Trump. They don’t need a weak Donald Trump. They need a strong Donald Trump. And I can tell you: those who straddle the fence will end up going home. It’s important they stay strong.”


“The second thing is,” he continued, “the listeners that are out there: you need to start calling your senators and senators who are in leadership. I’m not talking about calling Susan Collins and Corey Gardner and a few of these tough [ones]. I’m talking about calling those who are from states like Texas; calling senators from Nebraska. Some of those who it is a foregone conclusion that they’re going to get reelected and have them be bold. Let them be at the tip of the spear.”

“It is time that we have five or six senators that are willing to be at the tip of the spear to make sure the message is… At the end of the day your listeners need to understand the President did not do what he is being accused of doing. He is innocent.”

“We need unity and substance,” Bannon emphasized.

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