Using Abuse of Power as a Standard for Impeachment Opens Pandora’s Box

On Episode 143 of War Room: Impeachment Representative Mike Johnson of Louisiana discussed the abuse of power article of impeachment with Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller.

“Professors Turley was our only expert that we were able to bring in on our side,” Johnson explained, referring back to a hearing during the House impeachment inquiry. “And he, by the way, is not a Trump supporter and is a Democrat. So his testimony is very compelling. He said, ‘I’m here for the Constitution, nothing else.’”

Johnson continued to explain Turley’s premise, which has been echoed by the Trump defense team and the Congressman himself: “This is professor Dershowitz’s argument at its core. You cannot use abuse of power as a standard for impeachment because you open a pandora’s box.


“It’s too broadly defined,” Bannon said. “And the framers knew that.”

“They knew that,” the Congressman agreed, “and that’s why they warned against it. They said: never have a single party impeachment, for heaven’s sake, because that will divide the country.”

“In any scenario, you can’t use this amorphous criteria. Every President since George Washington would be subject to one of these charades if that were the standard. So now that that pandora’s box has been opened, how do we close the box? ”

“There’s a few moderate Democrats left in the House. They’re down in their bunkers right now, but we have a lot of friends on the other side,” Johnson explained. “I say, ‘think what you’re doing. What happens when there’s a Democrat in the White House, heaven forbid, and we have the majority in the House?’ My base is going to demand that scalp. And if I don’t go after it, they’re going to say I’ve gone to Washington and gone soft. I’m intellectually consistent, because we have the burden of doing that as Republicans and conservatives and constitutionalists. I’m going to say that’s not what the Founders’ intended. And they’re going to say, ‘alright, well we’ll go find a firebrand who will.’”

“This is where we are: tribal politics.”

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