Chinese Money Has Corrupted the British System

On Episode 145 of War Room: Impeachment Nigel Farage of the Brexit Party joined Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller to discuss Chinese monetary influence in Britain and the coronavirus.

They began by discussing the Chinese tech company Huawei, which has been banned in the United States.

“What is astonishing,” Farage said, “is that if you look at the people who have served on the advisory board to Huawei in the United Kingdom, what do you find? You find…friends of Tony Blair’s, friends of David Cameron’s, people who ran big businesses. They’re on the board. You find people who’ve run our Confederation of British Industry, one of the most globalist groups in the whole of our country. They’ve been serving on the board.”


“You even find – and this is astonishing – former senior bosses of our civil service who’ve been on Huawei’s board. And most stunningly of all, you find David Cameron, our Prime Minister who was made to resign because of the Brexit vote, is now an official interlocutor between the Chinese and British governments.”

“What has happened is Chinese money has completely corrupted the British system,” Farage continued. “And Boris Johnson has gone with the flow on this one. He’s gone with what everyone around him is telling him. I think it is, in terms of judgement, one of the worst judgements I’ve ever seen in my life in this country. I’m hoping we can find some mechanisms to reverse it.”

Farage explained that “it isn’t just American that’s unhappy with this. Think about Australia. There’s an economy that is very deeply intertwined with China. Even they in 2012 banned Huawei from their digital and cyber infrastructure.”

Bannon asked: “Is the pandemic out of Wuhan a wake up call for everybody that there’s a dark underside to the globalization of the supply chain, the just-in-time inventory? That everybody gets cheaper junk coming out of China, but there’s a high price to pay for that?”

“Yes, there is,” Farage confirmed. “Of course there is. No one quite knows how this will end at the moment.”

“We’ve had the first two cases [of coronavirus] in the UK confirmed this morning. A plane has come back with some people going into quarantine for at least a couple of weeks. We’ve become over-reliant on goods from China. And this kind of exposes that problem.”

“What he don’t yet know,” he continued, “is how serious this is. At the moment, it’s a strain of flu. What we don’t know is what it will mutate and become. It just raises yet another question about China.”

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