Approval of Trump’s Handling of Coronavirus Surges

We reported at the height of impeachment hysteria that among the major mainstream media networks, negative coverage of President Donald Trump reached 100%. Anyone following their coverage of the Trump administration during the Coronavirus pandemic can’t be faulted if they perceive the coverage to be 110% negative.

Even in the midst of a health crisis, the media prioritized smearing Trump over spreading information that could actually help people.


Bretibart’s John Notle put together an extensive list of the media’s most egregious lies during the outbreak. Among them included the media (falsely) claiming that President told Governors to get their own ventilators, that he sought a monopoly on the Coronavirus vaccine, that he was on the verge of implementing a national curfew, that he lied Google was creating a website to assist with testing, that he shut down the CDC’s pandemic department, that he called the virus a hoax, that he rejected WHO test kits, and that he silenced Dr. Fauci, among others.

And after all that, they’ve turned to debating whether calling the Coronavirus the “Wuhan Coronavirus” or “China Coronavirus” is racist. Of course, many of the exact same networks now calling those terms “racist” described the virus the exact same way back in January.


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