Episode 684 – How To Take Down The CCP

Breaking: Judge Halts Biden Regime’s Illegal Deportation Freeze

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joins War Room following his victory in securing a temporary restraining order against the Biden regime’s illegal freeze on deportations.

Texas now has 12 days to prepare their case to defend America’s borders. Paxton previewed more legal challenges to come, including against the Biden regime’s anti-American energy policies, and the radical redefining of gender.

“We’re going to be looking at everything,” he said.

Judge Blocks Biden Deportation Freeze After Texas Lawsuit


‘It’s Over’

Peter Navarro on Democrats dramatic overplaying of their hand and how their impeachment farce is falling apart. 

Most Senate Republicans join Rand Paul effort to dismiss Trump’s 2nd impeachment trial


Who Are the Globalists in the Senate?

28 Republicans joined with Democrats to confirm the CCP-compromised Penn Biden Center director Tony Blinken as Secretary of State for the illegitimate Biden regime.

Roy Blunt

Richard Burr

Shelley Moore Capito

Susan Collins

John Corynyn

Mike Crapo

Deb Fischer

Lindsey Graham

Chuck Grassley

Bill Hagerty

Cindy Hyde-Smith

Jim Inhofe

Ron Johnson

James Lankford

Mitch McConnell

Jerry Moran

Lisa Markowski

Rob Portman

James Risch

Mitt Romney

Mike Rounds

Marco Rubio

Ben Sasse

Dan Sullivan

John Thune

Tom Tillis

Pat Toomey

Roger Wicker

Todd Young


Peter Navarro shares his new drinking game for the Biden regime’s appeasement towards Communist China: everytime Jen Psaki says “Strategic patience.” 

“That’s all we’re going to do, we’re going to get drunk with rhetoric,” Navarro said.

Boris Epshteyn urges MAGA nation to tell Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, and Pat Toomey what they think of siding with the Democrats to go forward with the second impeachment hoax. Epshteyn shares his thoughts on Jen Psaki’s approach to comms. Follow @BorisEP.

WATCH: Rand Paul exposes sham impeachment


Chinese Whistleblower: Stop Buying Chinese Goods and the CCP Will Collapse

“China is on the brink of an economic collapse.” Overseas Chinese whistleblower “L” reveals her three-part plan to hurry their economic downfall and take down the CCP.

1) Don’t buy Chinese goods and buy second hand

2) Take individual investment out of the Chinese companies in the stock market

3) Educate three of your friends who then spread the word to three of their friends


If Americans vote with their wallets and stop funding the CCP, it will collapse.

“Everyone thinks china is very powerful, but in reality” they are on the verge of collapse, L said.

“A small push will make them fall off the cliff.”


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