Episode 690 – Gen Z And MAGA Unite


Boris Epshteyn reacts to the market manipulation and open collusion by the oligarchs behind the GameStop short.

“They think that the War Room crowd are somehow not smart enough to go and buy and sell stocks,” Epshteyn said.” That is not American, that is elitist. They are literally thinking the way George III thought.”

War Room ties Bezos to Robinhood betraying its customers, and how elites have worked the system to make themselves billionaires. Just look at the balance sheets of FANG — Facebook, Apple, Netflix, and Google — Epshteyn says.

Hedge fund billionaires are big mad

EXC: Biden Treasury Sec Yellen Paid By Chinese Communist Party-Linked Group

‘They’re Going After the Little Guy’

Jack Posobiec reports on breaking news that the SEC is cracking down on individual traders and demanding Robinhood customer’s data.

SEC going after reddit traders


‘This Will Collapse’

Dr. Peter Navarro reacts to the SEC cracking down on individual investors and gives a dire warning that the U.S. is heading off the financial cliff due to permanent closing of small businesses due inaction by Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell.

If It’s Raining in Brazil, Buy Starbucks


The MAGA Movement is Alive and Strong

Amanda Shae, editor of the Populist Press, and Catherine O’Neill of Real America’s Voice join War Room live from Cheyenne where Matt Gaetz organized a massive anti-Liz Cheney rally.

“Everybody that lives in Wyoming showed up today,” Shae said. “Her favorability in this state is nonexistent.”

Shae explains how the Populist Press gives conservatives and populists a voice and the resources to take action like the rally in Cheyenne. 

O’Neill, a fifth generation Wyomingite, says the people of Wyoming have had enough of Cheney, who represents the uniparty and her own interests alone. Follow @cathponeill


‘This is a Moment’

A broader coalition of Gen Z and MAGA populists are uniting to protest the elites — in Wyoming and on Wall Street. 

Jam Up: Psaki Defends Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen For Taking Money From Citadel

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