Episode 692 – A Million Little Captain Ahabs

Yellen Must Answer

Jack Posobiec says it is completely disqualifying for Jen Psaki to say there is no reason for Janet Yellen to recuse herself from discussions regarding Robinhood despite taking $810,000 from Citadel. Posobiec says Psaki must explain if Janet Yellen is in breach of her ethics agreement.

Stephen K. Bannon explains why the GameStop story is such a big story: it’s a populist revolt against the oligarchs that “they can’t blame it on Trump.” 

Psaki says it’s fine for Yellen to take millions from Wall Street

Did Biden’s Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Violate Her Ethics Agreement by Participating in Matters Involving Citadel?

Biden Treasury Sec Yellen Paid By Chinese Communist Party-Linked Group.

Must-read from reddit-rebel: ‘This is for you Dad…’


A Million Little Captain Ahabs

If thousands of people want to petition their government for grievances, where would they go? Not outside the Capitol, or the White House, but maybe on wallstreetbets. War Room explains where the grassroots army revolting against the ruling class goes from here. Stay tuned, because “a million little Captain Ahabs” are out for revenge.


Is This Going to Light the Match?

Nigel Farage explains the connection between Brexit and GameStop: people across political lines have had it with the inept, corrupt, failing ruling class.

Farage says the GameStop revolt is a “watershed moment for the financial markets,” because average people are fighting back against corrupt institutions and starting to realize “We can do something about it.”

“A populist revolt that is apolitical it brings the right and the left together and that is why this is not going away anytime soon,” Farage said. “Frankly, people have had enough.”

The revolt is against the “we know best” attitude of the ruling class, where it’s always “one rule for them, it’s another rule for us.” 

“They can’t close down our accounts forever,” Farage said. “Investors are mad, they are going to go on buying this stock. If that means that a couple of hedge funds go bust then so be it.”

“What we saw yesterday was a total abuse of power,” said Farage. “It was a disgrace.”

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It’s Not About GameStop. It’s About What GameStop Represents

Joe Biden has no political capital with 49% approval and 48% disapproval in the latest Rasmussen poll. Stephen K. Bannon explains why this is an inflection point and how we’re winning against the oligarchs in and outside government.

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