Episode 693 – The Perfect Distillation Of The Tyrannical Elite

Why GameStop Is Important for Economic Nationalism

The GameStop story shows how to drive the narrative with populism. Boris Epshteyn says Elizabeth Warren is “as much a populist as she is a Native American,” and Jack Posobiec explains how the little guy figured out how to do something good and to stick it to the man at the same time.

Food for thought: “GameStop debt to cash ratio is better than that of Netflix.”

‘You’ve won’ — Cramer tells investors to take home run and sell GameStop

Psaki refuses to address GameStop controversy or Biden engagement


‘We’re Your Betters’

War Room explains how Laura Unger is the perfect distillation of the tyrannical elite, and outs Fauxcahontas for going after the little guy.

Meanwhile, a real player Ken Paxton, attorney general of Texas, is starting an investigation into Discord, Robinhood, and Ameritrade demanding information why Americans were not allowed to exercise their rights of freedom of speech and to freely trade on their platforms.

Fmr. SEC Commissioner: GameStock Short Squeeze Not Unlike What We Saw At The Capitol On January 6

Fauxcahontas faux populist letter to SEC calls for ‘market stability’

AG Pax­ton Issues CIDs to Robin­hood, Dis­cord, Citadel, and Oth­ers That Sus­pend­ed Stock Trad­ing and Investing


‘This Was Supposed to be the Honeymoon’

The Biden regime has a crisis in the first week they didn’t see coming, and why Letitia James is going after Andrew Cuomo.

Hydroxycholorquine works ‘after all’

NY AG Letitia James reluctantly outs Team Cuomo’s nursing-home horrors


Mr. President, Stand Up for Your People

War Room explains the importance of the senate trial for the impeachment sham: showing the election fraud receipts and giving voice to the tens of millions of Trump supporters being persecuted right now.

Rigged system: Kevin Klinesmith gets community service and $100 fine for destroying Carter Page’s life


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