Episode 705 – Referendum In 2022

The Real Referendum is 2022

Matt Gaetz explains how Liz Cheney remained in leadership, and where the Republican base goes from here.

“The only way we win is if we’re worthy of winning,” Gaetz said, calling for a redo of the 2010 primary fights that made the GOP stronger.

“Sometimes a reformation in our own church can help us proselytize better to others.”

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Joey Correnti IV, chairman of the Carbon County Wyoming Republican Party, says the overwhelming vote by the establishment to keep the establishment in power will only propel the movement against Cheney on the ground.

“It’s absolutely going to amplify what we’re doing,” he said. “We’re reawakening the voice of the people.”

Albany County Republicans vote to censure Rep. Cheney

Arizona Legislature Threatens to Arrest Maricopa County Elections Board for Hiding Evidence

Arizona state Representative Mark Finchem explains why the state legislature is getting ready to send the sergeant-at-arms to arrest members of the Maricopa County elections board.

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Arizona Senate Threatens Arrest Of Maricopa County Board For Failure To Adhere To Subpoena For Election Equipment & Ballots

‘Something out of the Roman Republic’

Bernie Kerik, Matt Gaetz, and Stephen K. Bannon explain why exposing election fraud is paramount and must be part of the senate impeachment trial. It also would be a much-needed spectacle — something out of the Roman republic — to counter the Democrats’ TV script of an impeachment brief.

Steve Cortes says Chicago is the most dangerous place in the developed world, and warns America that Chicago’s corruption and prosecutors in the pocket of George Soros is the future they have in store for the entire country.

Get the facts about Chicago’s skyrocketing crime rates

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