Watch Rabbi Spero’s Prayer For The Nation

Rabbi Aryeh Spero delivers a powerful prayer for the nation and then reacts to the admission in TIME magazine that a cabal of powerful people conspired to deny President Trump a second term.

Rabbi Spero says they got the title — the “Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election” — all wrong.

“They didn’t do it to save the election…they worked together to transform an election and to guarantee that their candidate won,” Spero said. “They did whatever they had to do so that their candidate — Joseph Biden — won.”

The “combination of corporate power, political power and it all gets down to these institutions that have been built on the shoulders of the Deplorables…and now you see that it’s essentially turned on them,” Stephen K. Bannon said.

Spero says he was “actually nauseous” reading the article by Molly Ball, because it proves the notion of fair play and belief in the individual have been completely tossed aside, subjecting America to the whims of a corrupt ruling class.

“Our national character of fair play has been thrown out,” Rabbi Spero said, “to rob the American people of their voice.” 

“If you read this article what you see is all these difference facets of society…they coalesce in such a way to make sure that Trump would not win,” he said. “The idea of fair play didn’t matter to them.”

“It’s dangerous. It’s a different America.”

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