Navarro: we have more fentanyl than American citizens

With most Americans still unable to access CCP Virus vaccines, Dr. Peter K. Navarro reveals that we have more than enough fentanyl doses to go around.

“Courtesy of China, which makes all of the fentanyl, and the drug cartels, we have more than one dose of fentanyl for every American citizen.”

Though the United States has a population of roughly 350 million, data reveals that 405 million doses of fentanyl were seized along the U.S. border in 2018 alone.

Courtesy of Dr. Peter K. Navarro

Navarro noted the amount of contraband in the U.S. and its “street value” have grown since data was captured.

“I wish Joe Biden were as effective at distributing the vaccine that Trump made as the Chinese Communist Party and cartels are at sending fentanyl.”

Particularly in light of the radical amnesty bill proposed last week by the Biden regime, Navarro warns that the situation along the border will worsen. Lethal drugs will claim the lives of even more Americans with open borders, he predicts.

Fentanyl overdoses and deaths spiked in 2020 as Americans struggled through the pandemic, with widespread depression, unemployment, and isolation as byproducts.

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