Steve Bannon reveals Silicon Valley’s worst-kept secret

Stephen K. Bannon and Gab CEO Andrew Torba warn that Silicon Valley oligarchs are attempting to append technology to human bodies and souls.

Speaking on Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic special, the Silicon Valley-exile described first-hand knowledge of transhumanist experiments by Big Tech oligarchs.

“Transhumanist experiments are going on today,” Bannon said, noting the convergence of robotics, artificial intelligence, and chip design aimed at total control. “Their objectives is to go beyond homo sapien.”

Earlier this week, Bannon explained that the global elite and Chinese Communist Party have pursued this technological singularity for decades.

“They make themselves Gods with this technology, and they enslave the rest of us,” Torba added. “They have our minds enslaved, but next they want to enslave our bodies through implanting chips… control us as digital serfs.”

Through these radical efforts, tech firms are attempting to usurp God with technology.

But, Torba proposed a complete decoupling as the only viable solution for humanity. This decoupling, he says, depends on a parallel Judeo-Christian economy.

“We need to exit the existing system completely and build our own Christian-centric economy.”

The Gab CEO urged viewers to “cut the cable cord,” divest money from big corporate banks in favor of regional Christian-owned banks, and support local Christian-owned shops rather than corporations.

“The economy we see right now with cancel culture, the rise of critical race theory, and state worship is doomed to failure,” he warned.

“Why are Christians giving money, time, and data to people who hate and enslave us?”

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