Bannon: Yes, I’m Proud to be China ‘Super Hawk’

Stephen K. Bannon called out the “weakness double-talk” from Larry Kudlow on China and said it’s imperative to confront the Chinese Communist Party.

“We have to confront them,” said Bannon.  “It’s unrestricted warfare.”

Kudlow recently interviewed Michael Pillsbury, where they argued China needs to be challenged, but not confronted.

“Yes, I’m proud to be a super hawk,” Bannon said. “[Mike] Pompeo, [Matthew] Pottinger, and [Peter] Navarro. They all got sanctioned.”

“And your name is not on that list, why is that sir?” Bannon asked Kudlow.

Bannon said millennials “have got to rise up” to prevent Americans from becoming slaves like the CCP’s slave labor in China. A new Rasmussen poll shows a large majority of Americans see China as an economic threat.

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