Episode 754 – Open Borders, Closed Schools

The Most Dangerous City in the World

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam joins the show live from Juarez to show just how easy it is to cross Joe Biden’s open border. Follow @BBergquam

Open Borders, Closed Schools

“He’s opening the borders but he ain’t opening the schools.” Stephen K. Bannon and Raheem Kassam explain how Joe Biden is in trouble when it comes to his approval and the sycophantic media starting to jump ship. 

Matt Lee jams up Ned Price: Reporter asks State Dept. spokesman if Biden is taking credit for Trump-era policy

Even The Corporate Media Admits Biden’s Texas Response Has Been Lacking

$2000? Nah. But Dems Push $150 Million To ‘Remove & Replace’ Confederate Statues!

Save Women’s Sports

Bannon explains the three-legged stool of victory: open schools, the vaccine, and save women’s sports. The Biden regime’s overreach and our activist response can lead to a landslide victory on these issues. Beth Stelzer, founder of Save Women’s’ Sports, explains how to defeat the so-called Equality Act.

VISIT: SaveWomensSports.com

New Generation of Honey Badgers

Natalie Winters, who just reached the age requirement to co-host War Room, explains how she and the National Pulse are filling the void in the mainstream compromised press to expose how  the CCP has “gotten their hook into every aspect of American society.” Follow @NatalieGWinters

EXCLUSIVE: Biden’s China Chief Said She Was “Fine” With The CCP Spreading Influence In America And Pre-Briefed Communists Ahead Of A Major Summit.

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