Gaetz: Intel Doesn’t Justify D.C. Occupation

Rep. Matt Gaetz told War Room there is no intelligence to justify the military occupation in Washington, D.C.

“This is the new forever war,” Gaetz said. “The situation we have here is one of punishment, not one of rational response to real threat.”

National Guard troops have now been surrounding the Capitol for 49 days.

“The ongoing occupation of Washington, D.C. is not justified by the threat level,” he said. 

Gaetz said the tens of thousands of troops and barbed wire outside the Capitol is part of a larger mission to fundamentally change America.

“There’s one incentive path that is the money,” he said. “The other vector is I think the Democrats want to show a country that is diminished and on its knees.

“They’re locking us in our homes, they’re opening our borders,” Gaetz said. “And they’re portraying to young people an image of America that is radically different because they don’t think that much of America in the first place.”

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