Gaetz Slams McCarthy and Cheney’s ‘Vaudeville’ Show

Rep. Matt Gaetz said the awkwardness between Kevin McCarthy and Liz Cheney is just an act.

“I watched that little vaudeville routine they had running with Cheney,” Gaetz said of the GOP leadership conference Wednesday. “You had Steve Scalise in the background, the mute shaking his head, ‘no.’”

“This is not organic,” Gaetz said. “This is what the Republican leadership thinks is a winning, unifying, base expanding strategy. To showcase the elements of our movement who like the president and to also showcase the people who have this bitter contempt for the former president.”

“I am not here for that,” he said. “I believe that we should embrace the enthusiasm and values and policies and style of the 45th president to get back to the business of winning.”

Stephen K. Bannon called McCarthy “gutless” for not kicking Cheney out of leadership after she betrayed her state and sided with the Democrats in impeachment.

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