Episode 761 – The Progressive Left’s Worst Nightmare

Don’t Back Down

Anna Paulina Luna, an unknown candidate who almost took down Charlie Crist, reports live from “TPAC.” Luna says the fight has only just begun, and now is the time to get more involved on the local level.

“The fight’s only over when you choose it to be over,” she said.

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Boris Epshteyn shares breaking news out of Maricopa County. A judge ruled the Arizona senate has the right to subpoena over 2 million ballots, which “could start a domino effect” for election integrity.

Judge rules Maricopa County must provide 2020 ballots to Arizona Senate for audit under subpoenas

The Progressive Left’s Worst Nightmare

Kim Klacik shares the lessons she learned from knocking on every single door in a D+ 30 district in Baltimore. Klacik says the future for the GOP is continuing President Trump’s America First economic policies and to focus on education. 

Plus, Klacik tells War Room what’s next for her, including another potential run in Maryland.


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Boom, That Means It’s Over

Arizona representative Mark Finchem (AZ-11) explains the latest ruling to finally allow oversight of millions of ballots in Maricopa County. 

“We’ve got incontrovertible evidence on electronic interference,” Finchem said. 

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The Linchpin Against the CCP 

Dave Ramaswamy gives a history lesson on India taking on China.

Indian “is the only country that has taken on the CCP in the past 50 years and won.”

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Capt. Bannon at TPAC

Captain Maureen Bannon reports back after her panel with Dan “Ox” Ochsner at CPAC on the Equality Act. Bannon reacts to Reps. John Katko (R-N.Y.), Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.) voting for the radical gender redefinition bill that will destroy women’s sports.

“These three need to be primaried.”

Here are the three GOP lawmakers who voted for the Equality Act

Mask Police Detain DC Draino

Fog City Midge reports on the mask police detaining DC Draino at CPAC. “This is a Republican leadership conference, where is the leadership on this?”

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