Bannon and Kassam React to President Trump’s CPAC Speech

Stephen K. Bannon and Kassam go in depth on President Trump’s CPAC speech. Bannon says Trump set a benchmark that Nov. 3 is “not going away.”

“There weren’t many riffs,” Bannon said. “It shows, I believe, the seriousness of this. He wanted to set a benchmark. Nov 3. is not going away.”

Bannon said Trump’s speech was not for the base. “This speech is sellable into the Rio Grande valley….to working class Hispanics and working class African Americans, and millennials,” he said.

Kassam wanted more “Donald Trump,” and argues the speech has “no tails.” 

“They all say this is a cult of personality,” Bannon said. “Then he goes onto a speech that’s not really about him but about his ideas.”

Tom Del Beccaro said President Trump’s speech can kick off a nationwide movement against elites in Washington, just like Andrew Jackson did after he had an election stolen from him with the Corrupt Bargain in 1824.

“We’re in a moment in time just like we were in 1824 to 1828 when Jacksonian democracy was born,” Del Beccaro said.

Del Becarro said Jackson built up a “nationwide furor about the elites in Washington,” and said “it is up to the people to take it back.”

Del Becarro said President Trump’s political movement he built is far from over.

“Every reason he was elected in 2016 exists today,” he said.

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