Bannon: Transhumanism is ‘Not Science Fiction, Atheist Elite Want to Live Forever

Stephen K. Bannon says transhumanism is “not science fiction.”

“They’re trying to hide it,” Bannon said. “The bottom line for the technocratic elite right now is not to better mankind, not to take the world to a better place. It is because these are radical atheistic materialists and they want eternal life.”

“Every one of them is focused on one thing,” Bannon said. “They want to live forever.”

Mark Jeftovic, CEO of EasyDNS, told War Room transhumanism, or mixing man with machines, is the new religion of the technocratic elite. Jeftovic dove deeper into his article he wrote last year.

“Since technocracy, it’s scaffolding is completely deconstructionist…that takes spirituality and religion right of the table,” Jeftovic said. The “transhumanist narrative” must fill the void left, he said.

The Wall Street Journal pushed this idea in a recent editorial, “Looking forward to the end of humanity.”

Transhumanists promise “eternal bliss in the cloud and you’ll live like a king forever,” Jeftovic said. “As long as you follow the rules.”

Raheem Kassam said people are already serfs to algorithms. Kassam said his latest Twitter suspension was the result of an algorithm banning him. But now human beings are playing catch up as to why.

Given the speed of technological change and the elite’s view of death as a “technical problem,” Bannon asked if boomers are the last generation of humans.

“This is the story of the tower of babel,” Jeftovic said. “This is not anything new…what is surprising to me now is it’s being taken very seriously in the upper echelons” of society.

In addition, Eric Greitens said this has always been the goal of the elite, from Plato’s Republic to the Chinese Communist Party today.

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