Episode 777 – Fake Intel … How the Left Attacks Political Opponents

It’s a Regime

Stephen K. Bannon discusses the “tragedy of biblical proportions” going on at the border, and wonders what Kamala Harris is up to by sitting in on every Biden regime meeting.

“That is not the role of the vice president,” he said.

Raheem Kassam notes Harris is “always lurking behind” Joe Biden. 

“Like the grim reaper,” adds co-host Amanda Milius.

Intensity Index

Richard Baris, director of Big Data Poll, explains Biden’s artificial poll numbers. His actual approval rating is in the 48 to 52 percent range. 

Baris adds the issues of immigration and the CCP virus are a “recipe for disaster” for the Biden regime, and explains how Hispanic voters are fueling drops in Democrat politician’s popularity.

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Fake Intel

War Room calls out Nancy Pelosi’s lies and changing narrative on the non-existent “threat” that shut down the House on Thursday.

“She fear mongered then nothing happened the intelligence was fake…now Nancy Pleosi is trying to run away from it,” says Raheem Kassam.

From: House Democrat sits on Capitol steps to protest extremist threat

…To: Nancy Pelosi dismisses new QAnon threat to Capitol as ‘silliness’

Girl Walking – Berlin, Just Before the Wall

War Room discusses the wall outside the capitol on Day 57 of the occupation. 

Mainstream America “has no idea” how bad it is, says Leigh Brown. “It doesn’t even feel like America. You see it in real life, it’s terrifying.” 

Amanda Milius set the scene of when exactly she felt like she was in East Germany before the wall went up.

Latinos for Trump

Bianca Garcia, president of Latinos for Trump, explains how President Trump gave working class Hispanics a seat at the table and shares her plan for victory in 2022.

For starters, President Trump needs to meet with the real grassroots, “all the people who were actually on the ground doing the work,” and do “what you did in Texas, nationally.”

Visit: LatinoTrumpCoalition.org

Spying on Opponents. Sound Familiar?

Beatrix Von Storch, vice chair of AfD, shares the news of a German court blocking spying on her party, Alternative for Germany. 

“This is something like an earthquake,” she said. “We will have a very happy weekend. We will celebrate this.

Von Storch said “it’s still a hard fight,” and a temporary victory.

“They’re trying to make us illegal,” she said. Von Storch explains how the intelligence service uses the media to brand AfD as “extremist” with no supporting evidence.

Bannon warns: “If you don’t think this is where the United States is going, you’re kidding yourself.”

Amanda Milius says the demonization of political opponents is already here.

“Look at how similar it is to what they did with Russiagate,” she said.

German court temporarily blocks observation of AfD party


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