Episode 776 – You Will Be Red Pilled … How Liberals Escape the Bubble

It Wasn’t Just Cuomo

War Room starts the show on dissecting a year-long cover up of Democrats sending seniors to their deaths in nursing homes.

Raheem Kassam says, “This isn’t just Andrew Cuomo.” 

“It was also Wolf, it was also Whitmer, it was also Newsom,” he said. “Andrew Cuomo is just the most brazen example of this.”

Cuomo Advisers Altered Report on Covid-19 Nursing-Home Deaths

Flashback May 2020: The National Pulse reports Dem Governors Demanded COVID-19 Patients Were Returned To Nursing Homes, Contributing To Thousands Of Deaths

Me Too to Distract from Mass Murder

Co-hosts Amanda Milius, director of The Plot Against the President, and portrait artist Leigh Brown decipher what’s really going on with Andrew Cuomo: using the sexual harassment scandal to distract from nursing homes.

“It’s mass murder is what he did,” said Brown.

Milius said the left going after Cuomo get two things: “a notch on the sexual harassment theme,” and a distraction  distract from the actual crime” in nursing homes.

Plus, Milius explains how D.C. trades on the same power dynamics of Hollywood, just on a “negative 5 on the attractive scale.”

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You Will Be Red Pilled

Portrait artist Leigh Brown shares her personal journey escaping the left-wing bubble. Brown went from having a breakdown at President Trump’s victory in 2016 to embracing Trump’s policies in nine months.

“I always heard, ‘if you’re surprised Trump won you live in a bubble,’” she said. “It was and I didn’t know. All creatives are pretty much the same. You don’t really hear opinions outside of that unless you’re open to it.”

“That right there is why they have the censoring and the cancelling,” said Amanda Milius. “Because they know that if you do anything but hear their narrative, if you even as a critic just look at the subject for yourself, even wanting to judge it badly, you will be red pilled.”

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Behind the Scenes of The Plot Against the President 

Director Amanda Milius shares the epic speed at which she gave beautiful and mesmerizing life to Lee Smith’s book The Plot Against the President. 

“We were literally still coloring it less than 48 hours before it went live on the first platform,” says Milius. 

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