Episode 780 – War Room Special ‘Death by the CCP’: Part 2

Fauci: The Fountainhead of the CCP Virus

Dr. Peter Navarro kicks off hour two of War Room’s special “Death by the CCP,” by drawing the connection between “Saint Fauci” and the CCP virus.

“Fauci is arguably the source of the CCP virus,” he said. “You can make a very strong argument that he is the fountainhead.”

Navarro says Fauci was the driving force behind bringing gain of function research, which manipulates virus to weaponize them, to China.

“We’ve got a virus that’s killed over a half a million Americans,” Navarro said. “And the guy who the left trusts the most…may well be the guy who caused this for lobbying for money to go to those labs.”

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It’s a Bioweapon

Dr. Li-Meng Yan, virologist, defector, and 2020 War Room Woman of the Year, says the CCP virus is an “unrestricted bioweapon.” 

“This artificial covid-19 virus is a bioweapon, unrestricted, which is beyond the traditional concept to make more damage,” she said. “It’s also for long-term damage, economic…and social destruction.”

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The Most Successful Pearl Harbor Attack Never Covered

Navarro gives a recent history lesson of how the CCP guaranteed a global pandemic by its actions early on. The cover up with the World Health Organization, while buying up all the personal protective equipment, China exploited the global pandemic they were behind.

Navarro also calls out Big Media’s neglect for covering the real story of the CCP virus. 

This is “the most successful Pearl Harbor attack that’s never been covered by the press in history,” he said.

If Anyone’s Tested Positive for Globalism…

Venture capitalist Dave Ramaswamy reports on the new Pew Research study that shows nearly 9 of 10 Americans view China as a competitor or an enemy. Ramaswamy reports “cold feelings towards China” have increased 21 points in just 2 years.

“This is really without the mainstream media making this a top issue,” Bannon said. “This is people’s lived experience in the midwest. This is the lived experience of the American people.”

Ramaswamy says his top takeaway is “the populist movement gets stronger by the day.” 

“And if anyone’s tested positive for globalism, populism is the vaccine,” he said.

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Pew Study: Most Americans Support Tough Stance Toward China on Human Rights, Economic Issues

We’re all China Hawks Now

Navarro explains the evolution of how China is now viewed as a threat, with Americans catching up to his thinking.

His advice to all Americans: look at the label and stop buying Made in China.

“Every time they go to the store they need to look at the label and if it says ‘Made in China’ they need to think about if they want to contribute to two things.” Every time you buy China, you contribute to the export of American jobs and the financing of the Chinese military, he said.

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