Peter Daszak Has ‘Blood on His Hands’: WHO Researcher Collaboration with CCP Revealed

War Room exposed World Health Organization researcher Peter Daszak’s collaboration and complicity with the Chinese Communist Party.

“We’re going to make sure you’re infamous,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “The blood is on your hands, sir.”

Natalie Winters of the National Pulse, and Chinese whistleblower Dr. Yan Li-Meng revealed how the Chinese Communist Party covered up its bioweapons lab in Wuhan and how American scientists and researchers are compromised.

“It’s a tale as old as time,” Winters said. “Or at least as old as 1949,” the year of the Chinese communist revolution.

Daszak is complicit in the CCP’s cover up after working with the Wuhan Institute of Virology for nearly two decades, and refusing to look at the data during the WHO’s trip to the lab.

Daszak “authored 25 studies that directly list affiliations with Chinese Communist Party-linked entities,” Winters explained.

Daszak not only was complicit in the taxpayer-funded Wuhan research that “helped engineer the door into the human body” for Covid-19, Winters said. He also received a $750,000 taxpayer-funded PPP loan.

“This guy sold us out for money,” Bannon said.

Dr. Yan explained aside from his financial ties to the CCP, Daszak is also compromised by prestige.

“In the academic filed the tile and the reputation is very very important,” she said. “Even more than money, sometimes for the scientists.”

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