Episode 855 – You Passed It, We Found Out What Was in It … Voters Overwhelmingly Reject H.R. 1

You Passed It, We Found Out What Was in It

Pollster Richard Baris joins War Room to explain Joe Biden’s lack of political capital and how mainstream polls are used in information warfare.

Plus, Baris shares his in-depth polling on H.R. 1, and the radical bill that legalizes ballot harvesting and federalizes elections is extremely unpopular.

Only 30 percent support the bill, including Democrats. H.R. 1 “went down in a blaze of glory” once Americans found out what was in it.

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Republicans Have the Issues, But No Fight

Richard Baris explains how on issue after issue, the American public sides with Republicans.

Baris said it is striking “the support that Republicans have on all these issues and how little they fight for them.”

Baris also reveals what percentage of Americans say they will never take the vaccine.

Mo Brooks Reacts to President Trump’s Endorsement

Fresh off his endorsement from President Trump, Mo Brooks joins War Room and explains how this puts him on a path to victory to be Alabama’s next senator.

“It’s huge,” he said.

Brooks said the issues facing America are “life threatening,” from Biden’s border crisis to the threat H.R. 1 poses to American elections.

“If you don’t have honest and accurate elections you don’t have a republic,” he said. “Yeah you can vote, but it doesn’t count. It’s rigged.”

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Trump says Mo Brooks ‘has done a spectacular job … He’s a strong guy, a tough guy’

War Room Pays Tribute to Bobby Schilling

Raheem Kassam gives a touching tribute to the late Bobby Schilling, former representative from Illinois, patriot, and family man. Schilling, the father of Terry Schilling, passed away from cancer on Tuesday, 

“We’re so sorry to have lost him, but we absolutely know Bobby is in a better place,” Raheem said.

“He was larger than life and lived his life for God and others.”

Former Republican Illinois U.S. Rep. Bobby Schilling dies after bout of cancer

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