Bannon: The Great Reset Led to a Great Realignment of the Working Class More Powerful Than Tea Party

Stephen K. Bannon said a populist revolt more powerful than the Tea Party is underway — and it’s thanks to the Great Reset.

“The establishment is totally freaked out,” Bannon said on War Room, Monday. “The Great Reset leads to Great Realignment to the Great Meltdown.”

Bannon said populists revolts against mask mandates, against critical race theory, the recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom, and going forward with forensic election audits in Arizona and New Hampshire is evidence of a great realignment of the working class.

“It has no leader and it is self organizing,” he said of the movement. “And it’s just starting.” 

“A true populist revolt far more powerful than the Tea Party,” Bannon said. “They hadn’t even had their first big rally yet” back in 2009. 

Bannon said the establishment is now in meltdown over populists taking their agency back and getting to the bottom of Nov. 3 — from Phoenix, Arizona to Windham, New Hampshire.

“What we have today is far far far more powerful than the Tea Party movement and it is about ideas,” he said.

Bannon said it’s only the beginning of this powerful populist movement. 

“This is not about a cult of personality,” he said. “This is about ideas.” 

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