Episode 917 – The Great Reset to the Great Realignment … The Establishment Melts Down and the Grassroots Takes Matters into Their Own Hands

The Great Reset to the Great Realignment to the Great Meltdown

Stephen K. Bannon explains the establishment meltdown over populists taking their agency back and getting to the bottom of Nov. 3.

“What we have today is far far far more powerful than the Tea Party movement and it is about ideas,” he said.

Bannon reveals why the establishment is freaking out and why it’s only the beginning of this powerful populist movement.

Mitt Romney booed off the stage at Utah republican convention

Cindy McCain is triggered

Susan Collins defends Romney, Cheney

‘Morning Joe’ Laments GOP ‘Personality Cult’: ‘Ronald Reagan Couldn’t Win a Primary in the Republican Party These Days’

Texas Sheriffs Deputize Citizens to Fight Illegal Immigration

Bianca Gracia, of Latinos for Trump, reports on the grassroots MAGA movement in Texas, the horrific bust in Houston, and how Texas sheriffs are taking matters into their own hands.

“Sheriffs joined with county judges and declared their local state a disaster,” she said. “Sheriffs are now deputizing citizens, veterans, people with skills…because they are being overrun.”

“Ilegals are having gun battles on their ranches, they’re finding dead bodies, their homes are being broken into,” Gracia said. “They don’t have the manpower to address this.”

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Fighting Evil Woke Corporatists in NC

Sloan Rachmuth, president of Education First, joins War Room to share what parents are doing in North Carolina to stop Marxist critical race theory and mandatory experimental gene therapies for their kids. And they’re putting the GOP establishment on notice.

“If the Republican leadership doesn’t turn itself around in North Carolina we very well be in danger of flipping,” she said.

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