Episode 921 – China Hands … How American Elites Sold Us Out to the Chinese Communist Party

Road to Perdition 

War Room is joined by Clyde Prestowitz, author and China expert, for the full hour for a deep dive into how American elites led to the rise of the Chinese Communist Party.

First up, Prestowitz explains how Communist China was on the verge of collapse — but George H. W. Bush kept the regime alive.

After saying the goal is not to “hold it back,” Secretary of State Blinken says China’s goal is to dominate the world

Get the book: The World Turned Upside Down: America, China, and the Struggle for Global Leadership

America Did Not Transform China, China Transformed America and the West

Bannon and Prestowitz examine how elites — on the left and right — made the wrong bet on China, and allowed the CCP to steal America’s method of becoming rich.

“America did not transform China, China transformed America and the West,” Bannon said.

China Hands

Prestowitz reveals the elites’ disdain for religion, and why it plays into the CCP’s hands.

“The Chinese cultivate these people,” he said. “They’re so good at wining and dining, and flattering, [saying] you are the smartest American I’ve ever seen.’”

What is to Become of Us?

Prestowitz rates China’s infiltration into America’s institutions as a 5 or 6 out of 10. Plus, Prestowitz says the future is uncertain to whether America will get its power back.

“Well, it’s really up in the air,” he said. “We need a rejuvenation of the American people and we need a reinforcement of the fundamentals, what’s america about? It’s about human rights, freedom…I don’t think kids are taught citizenship anymore in schools, we get a lot of woke history but we don’t get real history.” 

Prestowitz said America must get back to unity on values, instead of ripping each other apart.

“The U.S. is the least racist county around the world,” he said. “I’ve lived in Asia, I’ve lived in Latin America. It’s so crazy that we’re tearing us apart on these issues.”

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