Episode 924 – Trust Busting the Aristocracy … Josh Hawley and Rudy Giuliani Expose Corruption of Big Tech and the Uniparty

The Revolutionary Idea

Sen. Josh Hawley joins War Room to discuss the big ideas in his new book, The Tyranny of Big Tech.

Hawley explains why the founders hated monopolies — and corporations. Plus, Hawley explains why he’s proud to be an apostate of the Ivy League elite.

Get the book: The Tyranny of Big Tech by Josh Hawley

Time-Honored Trust Busting

Josh Hawley reacts to Facebook’s “oversight” board keeping its ban on President Trump. Sen. Hawley says the only solution is a time-honored one: trust busting.

Plus, Sen. Hawley shares his one and only meeting with Mark Zuckerberg.

“The meeting did not go very well…” 

Mortal Sin Against the Constitution

Rudy Giuliani returns and drops a bombshell: the feds started spying on him the very same day he became President Trump’s attorney.

“They didn’t even make any bones about it,” he said, “They had no interest in me before. It begins May 1, 2018. That’s when it was first in the newspapers. Immediately they go get my stuff…they examine the entire attorney client relationship for a year and a half.”

“This is unheard of.”

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The Dominion Receipts

Matthew DePerno, constitutional attorney in Michigan, reveals forensic evidence shows Dominion voting machines had an unauthorized implant installed to circumvent its own security features.

DePerno explains how his is the only case in the country that has actually gotten its hands on real evidence, and it is damning.

See the evidence HERE.

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