Episode 925 – Collusion Hoax in the Heartland … Scandals Plague Soros Prosecutors in Arizona

The Russia Collusion Case Brought to the Heartland

John Solomon, of Just the News, reports on the latest in Maricopa County, where election officials admitted they don’t have the administrative password to access the voting machine system.

Plus, Solomon reveals the damning evidence against George Soros-funded prosecutor Kimberly Gardner in Missouri and her witch hunt against Eric Greitens.

Gardener withheld an “enormous amount” of exculpatory evidence, and “engaged in professional misconduct.”

Gardner caused an astounding 79 false statements to be inserted into the court case, and even “lied to her own prosecution team.” 

“The allegations are very very serious,” he said. 

Investigation finds massive wrongdoing by prosecutor in case against ex-Missouri governor

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More Moms Stand Up Against Masks

War Room celebrates another mom who is standing up to mask mandates for kids in school, this time in Duval County, Florida. Even though Governor DeSantis lifted all covid restrictions.

Anna Paulina Luna says Ron DeSantis is leading the country in how to oppose the Biden regime.

“He is leading with the facts, he is leading with the science,” she said. 

Fauci spins about masks outside

Anna Paulina Luna Sues Twitter

Anna Paulina Luna announces she is suing Twitter for FEC violations and giving illegal in-kind contributions to her opponent Charlie Christ. 

“We’re going after them,” she said.

President Trump endorses Elise Stefanik, rips Liz Cheney: ‘Warmongering fool’

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Moms for America

Cindy Chafian, Moms for America director of policy engagement, discusses the movement against Marxist critical race theory.

“They want our kids from the moment they are born,” she said. “And we’re not going to have it.”

Chafian says moms are not going to stand for the government pushing experimental covid vaccines for their kids.

“If they are going to force vaccinations people need to expect a mass exodus from public schools” she said. “Our kids are not the government’s guinea pigs. It’s simply not going to happen.”

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Soros Prosecutor Scared in Maricopa

Stephen K. Bannon explains why Soros prosecutor Katie Hobbs is freaking out about the audit in Maricopa: they had to admit they didn’t have the admin password for the voting machines.

Read Hobb’s letter.

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