Elise Stefanik: Working Class is Key to the President Trump-Expanded GOP

Rep. Elise Stefanik pointed to the working class as the future of the Republican Party.

Stefanik, who could soon replace Liz Cheney as GOP Conference Chair, credited President Trump with expanding the party. Cheney has mocked the working class expansion that President Trump ushered in. Stefanik, however, said the average American is key to the Republican Party’s success.

“My district is really a district of how President Trump has grown the Republican Party,” Stefanik told War Room, Thursday. The 21st district of New York voted for Barack Obama twice before going for Trump in 2016.

“We won by double digits in the district,” Stefanik said. “It is hard working class people, farmers, manufacturers, and hardworking families. And President Trump spoke to those people.

“And I’m proud to represent those people everyday,” she said. “We need to maintain those voters.”

Stephen K. Bannon credited Stefanik for standing by President Trump throughout, including in October 2016 after the Access Hollywood tape was leaked.

“You had every opportunity to run like so many of the Republican establishment did at the time,” Bannon said.

Stefanik said the movement was unlike any in politics, and the media and the establishment never understood the ideas behind it.

“I will never forget campaigning in 2016 despite the media’s obsessive Trump derangement syndrome,” she said. “I really paid attention to the voters and the people in my district. It was really stunning to see the number of Trump signs turn up…the energy was just palpable. Anyone on the ground knocking doors understood this was going to be a historic election.

“The media didn’t get it, the establishment didn’t get it,” Stefanik said. “I was proud to be a part of it. I was proud to be on that ticket.” 

“You stood tall,” Bannon said.

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