Episode 927 – The Woke Praetorian Guard … Biden’s Secret Police and the MAGA Purge from the Military

Biden Regime Tries to Stamp Out AZ Audit

Stephen K. Bannon and Boris Epshteyn discuss the outrageous letter from the Justice Department trying to intimidate the Maricopa County audit.

“It shows just how worried the Democrats are,” Epshteyn said.

Plus, War Room exposes the authoritarian tactics of the Biden regime, raiding Rudy Giuliani’s law office for a trumped up “FARA violation.”

“Whoever is running the White House are sending in their own Department of Justice to try to stamp down this audit,” Epshteyn said. “If that is not authoritarian tactics, I’m not sure what is.”

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Biden’s DOJ interferes in Arizona audit, sends threatening letter

Biden Regime’s Woke Praetorian Guard 

Darren Beattie reports on Revolver’s latest bombshell exposing the man behind the MAGA purge from the U.S. military: Bishop Garrison, a far-left, BLM-supporting, critical race theory zealot.

“This guy is a critical race theory zealot, a huge proponent of the notorious 1619 project, huge proponent of the Black Lives Matter movement, proponent of all kinds of riots that have been going on,” Beattie said. “He wants to reshape re-imagine our defense forces as a woke Praetorian guard for the Biden regime.”

“This is the ideological vetter in chief for the U.S. military,” he said.

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Biden’s Secret Police

America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani returns and explains why the Biden Justice Department is sending political letters to threaten the Arizona state legislature for acting in accordance with the U.S. Constitution.

“They know exactly what they’re doing,” he said. “This is not really a legal letter, it’s a political letter.”

Giuliani said the DOJ is “operating like a secret police, some kind of police force of the Biden administration.”

Listen: RudysCommonSense.com

MAGA Rights in Jeopardy

Giuliani says the scales of justice are being destroyed, and we are in danger of becoming a one-party communist state.

He said the Biden regime has weaponized the DOJ “against Trump, Trump supporters, and certainly the American people that don’t agree with them. They’re all in jeopardy and their rights are in jeopardy.”

“I’m trying to find a lawyer’s office that’s ever been broken into other than a lawyer for Donald Trump,” Giuliani said.

Plus, Giuliani says Elise Stefanik was “100 percent right and loyal” during the first sham impeachment.”

“She was as good as the best,” he said.

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