Sen. Hawley Warns America Falling into Aristocracy, Says Big Tech Must Be Broken Up

Sen. Josh Hawley says America is becoming the aristocracy the Founders warned against, and must act quickly to reassert our Constitution.

Hawley said Facebook extending President Trump’s ban is a “case study” in monopoly. They aren’t worried about the 74 million (plus) Trump voters, because they have no competition.

“This board isn’t independent of Facebook,” Hawley told War Room. “This is a fake court set up by Facebook to allow Facebook to do whatever Facebook wants to do.”

“The solution is a time honored solution,” he said. “It’s trust busting.”

“These monopoly platforms need to be broken up,” said Hawley, the author of the new book which was censored by Simon & Schuster, The Tyranny of Big Tech.

Hawley explained the uniqueness of the American system, but warned we are losing America’s revolutionary ideals of governing by the common man.

“The biggest divide today is class,” he said. “The leadership class have never been more powerful, and education really marks out who is in the leadership class and who is not.” 

Stephen K. Bannon asked Hawley, “If the framers came back today, what would they say?”

“We are in danger of precisely the kind of aristocracy that they were fighting against,” Hawley said. “They would say, ‘Wow you are really allowing an aristocracy to run this country.

“We need some patriots to say, ‘Hold on. We’re going to recover the Constitution,’” he said. 

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