Episode 935 – The Manchurian Director … Bill Burns is Xi’s Man in the CIA

Momentum in Michigan?

New Mexico State University law professor David Clements discusses new details of the election fraud case in Michigan, and says there is hope for a forensic audit.

“There’s hope because the truth is on our side,” he said.

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Alex Jones Was Right 

Raheem Kassam reports on France at the brink of civil war, and says Alex Jones was right.

“All these guys who they said are conspiracy theorists…have all been proved right,” Kassam said. “It’s all happening. They are arresting Christian preachers on the streets of Western nations.”

Canada is Communist China: Police Arrest Hero Pastor Artur Pawlowski

The National Pulse: One Mosque Built, One Christian Monument Destroyed Every Two Weeks In Modern France

No Go Zones: How Shariah Law is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You by Raheem Kassam

‘They’re Scared to the Marrow of Their Bones’

Stephen K. Bannon rips the illegitimate Biden regime for going after their political opponents, like Rudy Giuliani. Former NYPD commissioner Bernie Kerik reports on the horrific crime situation in New York, but says it’s not too late to turn things around.

Bill de Blasio has taken the city back 30 years and desperately needs new leadership. However, Kerik says he would not tell people to join the force until there’s new leadership.

“I would not recommend anybody take a NYC police job right now,” he said. “because the city council is putting out a memorandum and putting out legislation that they’re not going to support the cops.”

William Burns Should Be a Household Name

Raheem Kassam explains why Biden’s CIA director deserves more attention. Bill Burns is compromised by the Chinese Communist Party and lied about it under oath.

“The relationship remains to this day,” Kassam said. “That is an active relationship.”

Frank Gaffney says Burns must resign for his relationship with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, which works with Chinese intelligence on influence operations.

National Security, Military Vets Demand CIA Director Resigns Over Chinese Communist Party Links, Lies To U.S. Senate

The Manchurian Director

Sam Faddis, former CIA officer, puts Bill Burns compromised position in perspective: it would be like putting a KGB guy in charge of the CIA during the Cold War.

As head of the Carnegie endowment, Burns was connected to Tsinghua, the “MIT of China” — if MIT was run by the Pentagon. Tsinghua is Xi Jingping’s alma mater, is run by the PLA, and executes cyber hacks against the U.S.

“Since 2014 the guy who runs the CIA was in partnership with Chinese intel targeting the U.S.,” Faddis said.

“This is the Manchurian director owned by Xi,” he said.

AND Magazine: The Hidden Hand Of The CCP

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