Police Under Attack: Bernie Kerik Says ‘I Would Not Recommend ANYBODY Take a NYC Police Job Right Now’

Former NYPD commissioner Bernie Kerik said it’s not too late to turn things around in New York City with different leadership, but warned against anyone taking a police job right now.

Kerik told War Room to never underestimate the city, after witnessing how Rudy Giuliani save the city in the 1990s.

“Bill de Blasio has taken the city back 30 years,” he said. “In 1994 we had about 2,200 murders. That’s more murders than Atlanta, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Chicago combined today.” Nevertheless, Giuliani bringing law and order dropped murder rate by almost 80 percent.

“Anyone that believes you can’t fix this, they have no idea what they’re talking about,” Kerik said. “You need new leadership.”

However, Kerik said the climate is so bad for cops right now in New York, he can’t recommend anyone join the force today.

“I would not recommend anybody take a NYC police job right now,” he said. “Because the city council is putting out a memorandum and putting out legislation that they’re not going to support the cops.”

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