The Most Banned Woman on the Planet: Katie Hopkins Tells America How to Save Its Freedom

Katie Hopkins joined War Room in studio after she broke in through Mexico “like every good illegal.”

The most banned woman on the planet says America is still the greatest nation on earth, and there’s still time to save it.

“Three things that are going to keep it that way: our family, our faith, and our freedom,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins also gave an update on the dire situation in the United Kingdom, where Boris Johnson made a deal with the New World Order to “crucify” the UK.

“In the UK you are not allowed more than seven miles from your home address, you are not allowed in a vehicle with another person,” she said. Her kids have to wear a sticker on their coat at school to “indicate they are not clean.” 

“The potato in a wig Boris Johnson is threatening another lockdown,” she said. 

“He was offered something to completely crucify the UK,” Hopkins explained. In March 2020 “he turned on a dime, he crucified the nation.”

“We’re going to move straight to universal credit, within 5 years you’re not going to be able to own a car,” she said. “Whether it’s a seat at the new world order, [Johnson] was told he would crucify the UK, and he would be rewarded.” 

The firebrand is in America for her show, Katie Hopkins Unzipped, in Colorado on Friday, May 28.

“Our side not only are we better looking,” Hopkins said. “We also have a sense of humor.” 

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