Episode 1,011 – The Fauci Squeak … Dr. Fauci’s Pathological MSNBC Interview and Vernon Jones Visits the Arizona Audit

Fauci: ‘I Am Science’

Stephen K. Bannon says after Dr. Fauci’s latest interview with Chuck Todd, it’s “never been more obvious what a pathological liar Fauci is.”

Dr. Peter Navarro says the interview was textbook propaganda, and included “particularly egregious” lies from Fauci.

Fauci falsely claimed most scientists believe the virus came from nature, and avoids straight answers.

“Whenever he gets a tough question he says, “Oh, I don’t want to get into that.’ And that always happens when you mention the ‘C’ word: China,” Navarro said.

“‘I am science!’ This is what the diminutive little bureaucrat is asking the world to believe,” said Raheem Kassam.

Dr. Fauci: I am the science!!!

Fauci’s Poker Tell

War Room breaks down another monster lie from Dr. Fauci to Chuck Todd that he has no idea what was going on in China.

“He’s dangerous and scary, he just looks straight at the camera and lies,” Bannon said.

Raheem Kassam points out Fauci’s laughable concern that everything he says is “taken out of context.”

“If that’s your concern, what are you doing on television?” Kassam said.

Dr. Navarro and Bannon blast MSNBC for a full 30 minutes with Fauci and not a single mention of “gain of function.”

Plus, War Room reveals Fauci’s poker tell: the Fauci squeak.

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Lindell Previews Rally With President Trump

Mike Lindell returns and reveals why he’s inviting left-wing media outlets to his next Frank Speech event.

“Free speech affects everyone, not just on the right,” he said. “And this election, attacks by the CCP, that affects everyone.” 

“I’m going to get to the bottom of all of this,” Lindell said.

The My Pillow CEO also previewed the rally in New Richmond, Wisconsin.

“Right before I speak, the president’s coming on — the real president,” Lindell said.

Sign up: Frank Speech Rally June 12th, with special appearance by President Trump

Vernon Jones Live from Maricopa

Vernon Jones reports live from Arizona, where he is observing the forensic audit in Maricopa County.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before,” he said. “Each individual step is carefully done.

“This is exactly what I hope can come to Georgia,” Jones said. “They even asked Dominion to come and be a part of it. They have blown me away.

“If there’s even an ounce of anything not transparent, not appropriate, these guys are going to find it,” he said.

“You would think everyone would want election integrity, but they have something to hide.”

Plus, Jones explains why he’s also stopping at the southern border.

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Fauci and Facebook’s Plan to [REDACTED]

War Room exposes another lie from Fauci that he has no idea what Sen. Marsha Blackburn is talking about when she says he worked with Facebook to suppress information about the virus.

Raheem Kassam says maybe he doesn’t remember what’s redacted.

Fauci Colluded With Mark Zuckerberg On Facebook COVID-19 ‘Information Hub,’ Emails Show

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