Trump Won: Steve Cortes Reveals How a Biden Win Was Statistically ‘Impossible’

Steve Cortes, who for decades did statistical analysis on Wall Street, makes the statistical case against a Biden 2020 election victory.

“A Biden win statistically is so improbable as to be impossible,” he said on War Room, Wednesday.

“The idea that we [the Trump campaign] gained in vote share, in percentage, in the four largest cities in the U.S. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston,” Cortes said. “Yet we did not gain in Phoenix, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, in all the places Joe Biden needed it just strains credulity.”

Cortes said the Biden win is so full of anomalies that it would be analogous to a team sweeping the World Series with four perfect games.

“Is it statistically possible?” Cortes said. “Theoretically, I guess.

“Is it probable?” he said. “Hell no.”

For example, President Trump “doubled his vote total in the Bronx,” and in Los Angeles County gained 500,000 raw votes.

“It is mathematically impossible to have those results in the Bronx…and in LA, and have the 18 and 19 bellwether counties go for Trump but then to have different results in Atlanta, Philadelphia Detroit, and in Milwaukee,” said Stephen K. Bannon.

“This is the steal,” he said. “This gets to the heart of the mathematics.”

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