Episode 1,014 – Election Audits at the O.K. Corral … Vernon Jones Challenges Brian Kemp, Matt Gaetz Grills Chris Wray, and NH Patriots Rally Against Sham Audit

Jones and Kemp in the O.K. Corral

Vernon Jones challenges Brian Kemp to a debate on why Georgia should have a forensic election audit.

After his trip to Maricopa County, Jones said “without a doubt” we need the same type of audit in Georgia. Jones said the media is smearing the fair audit, that has every check and balance.

“They are the ones who are partisan, they favor the Democrats,” he said. “They wanted Joe Biden to win no matter what, even if the election was stolen.”

Jones said regardless the Dominion system needs to be audited because it was never used in Georgia before. 

“Right now there’s a shadow,” he said.

Plus, Kemp rips Kemp and Brad Raffensperger for getting “into bed” with Stacey Abrams, and challenges them to go to Arizona and observe the audit themselves.

“If there’s nothing to hide why are they trying to hide something?” he said. “And if you don’t show up at the O.K. Corral…you’re afraid.”

Gaetz Grills Wray

Rep. Matt Gaetz joins War Room after his confrontation with Christopher Wray for what the FBI Director knew about the Wuhan lab in April 2020.

“I am deeply concerned that the FBI had actionable intelligence that could have saved American lives,” Gaetz said. “And they ignored that intelligence.”

“What I thinked happened, Steve, was they missed this fact witness, this whistleblower, with documents and text messages…that showed how early the Chinese Communist Party was aware that this was a deadly virus…it’s testing in the Wuhan institute of virology and it’s ultimate release to the world.

Gaetz says the FBI categorized Dr. Yan as a “counter intelligence threat” instead of a whistleblower.

“The FBI could be very culpable here,” he said.

Matt Gaetz questions FBI Director Christopher Wray about the Bureau’s investigation into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic

The Fusion of the US and CCP

Matt Gaetz warns there is now a “fusion between the Chinese Communist Party and much of the apparatus of the United States government.” 

“The Fauci emails demonstrate how tied in scientists and U.S. researchers were with those in Wuhan,” he said. 

Maybe if the FBI wasn’t “busy categorizing a substantial portion of our military and our country as ‘white supremacists’…or checking out a garage pull at a NASCAR event we would have more focus on the things that would make our nation more resilient against the true threat the CCP poses,” he said.

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George P. Bush: Not Even MAGA in Name Only

Natalie Winters points out how happy Chris Wray was to talk about Jan. 6, but mum on the CCP.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton responds to George P. Bush who pretends to be MAGA but got right in line with the uniparty and said the election wasn’t stolen.

“I don’t quite understand why he claims to be such a Trump supporter and at the same time criticizes the things we did,” Paxton said.

Paxton said Bush only got his law license in October, and trying to become the attorney general of Texas would be like “a beginning associate trying to come in and manage one of the largest law firms in the country.”

Bannon asked Paxton if George P. Bush thinks Texans are a “bunch of morons” if they’re going to believe he is MAGA.

“Apparently so,” Paxton said. “His family obviously are not Trump supporters, he was not a Trump supporter.

“The reality is here he is now criticizing one of the main issues election integrity,” Paxton said. “If we don’t fix the elections, we let what happened last fall keep happening, we’re done.”

George P. Bush says 2020 election wasn’t stolen

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Not Just For Preppers

Joe Reick, vice president of sales for My Patriot Supply, explains why emergency food supply is not just for preppers — not that there’s anything wrong with that.

“It’s designed for your specific type of family,” he said. Power outages or losing a job, Reick explains the many reasons why emergency food is important safeguard, and how his company uses dehydration to extend the shelf life of nutritious meals for 25 years.


‘We Had a Sham Audit’

Marylyn Todd, the founder of the New Hampshire Voter Integrity Group, previews the rally at the state house in Concord.

“We got here because we had a sham audit,” Todd said. “Our memory cards were deleted…we want all our ballots released in New Hampshire.

The rally from 12 – 5 p.m. will feature an affidavit station. “We’re going to walk one by one into the state office and we’re going to serve them notarized affidavits,” she said.

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