Mike Lindell Announces Major Cyber Forensics Symposium to Expose Stolen Election, CCP Can Sit in ‘Front Row’ With Kemp, Ducey

Mike Lindell announces he is holding a cyber forensics election symposium in July to expose the stolen election with the best white hat hackers in the world.

“We’re in a race against time,” Lindell said. “I’ve decided to move everything up.”

Lindell said before he takes the case to the Supreme Court, he will air all of the forensic evidence of the hacks from China on election night to a big venue.

“I want to have congressmen there, I want to have senators there, Democrats, Republicans, attorney generals, secretaries of state,” he said.

“It’s going to be like showing them a spaceship,” Lindell said. “It will be a 2-day event. They can all ask their own cyber experts, this whole country is going to go, ‘Wow, we have to get this to the Supreme Court.’”

Lindell explains how the evidence is irrefutable, like DNA captured at a crime scene — and the crime is on tape.

Lindell challenged Chinese Communist Party officials to attend the event.

“They can sit right next to Brian Kemp and Doug Ducey in the front row,” he said.

Lindell also gave a personal invite to Fox News.

“I mean, Fox maybe you should come,” he said. “Maybe when you see this, this is actually news.”

Watch Lindell break down his four-step plan to put Trump back in the White House here:

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