People On Both Sides Of The Aisle Will Attack The AZ Audit Report – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic

On the day he was endorsed by President Trump in his bid to become Arizona’s next secretary of state, Rep. Mark Finchem told Steve Bannon that the voices against the Arizona election audit will come from both Republicans and Democrats.

“I know that you’ve got people who have been consistently erratic. We have some members [Republicans] in both the House and Senate that it’s gonna have to be at least clear and convincing evidence if not beyond reasonable doubt. We’ve got the people like Paul Boyer who came right up to the edge and then didn’t close the deal when it came time to enforce their subpoenas. I think unfortunately what Sen. Boyer doesn’t appreciate is this was the full faith and power of the Arizona legislature on the line, and he blinked. That’s hard to understand.”


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