Small, Deeply Entrenched Group Of Ideologues Attempting To Take Over The Country – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic


Author and filmmaker Roger Kimball talks to host Steve Bannon about the dangers facing the United States as we suffer the effects of the “long march” of progressivism through our institutions. In Kimball’s opinion, the country is at about the same stage of unsettledness as we experienced in 1857 before the Civil War.

“The hour is late, but it is not irredeemable, but if it is going to be redeemed we have to face up to what is going on now, and what is going on is the attempt to take over the country by a small but deeply entrenched  and very powerful group of ideologues who in the name of a higher virtue (or to quote James Comey “a higher loyalty”) are willing to trample roughshod over the rights of the ordinary people.”

Part 2: Universities Are Laboratories To Destroy Our Civilization


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