MSNBC: Stephen K. Bannon Welcomes High Stakes Impeachment Fight

Wednesday, on MSNBC’s The 11th Hour with Brian Williams Johnathon Lamire spoke about Stephen K. Bannon’s strategy for the midterms.

“People close to the President are at their battle stations. The impeachment word is resurfacing in the last few days.  Whether the Democrats want to embrace that idea, if they are to capture the house, assuming they don’t control the Senate as well, which seems unlikely.

Steve Bannon said to me and others repeatedly let’s make it about impeachment. it would make the stakes high enough for Republicans. they think it can be a miscalculation for Democrats. the worries would be the idea if the Democrats control the house and have subpoena power, it’ll be investigation, investigation, investigation. anyone mentioned Donald Trump’s name will be hauled to the committee,” Lamire said.


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